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What is Mental Fitness?

It is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative attitude.

The result is:

  • Peak Performance

  • Peace of Mind

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Thriving in challenging times.


Your positive intelligence (PQ) is your measure of mental fitness. This two-part personal coaching program will give you everything you need to build mental fitness muscles and grow PQ. Part one is all about insight, part two is all about practice, practice, practice. You can do both (highly recommended) or either one. Talk to me about how I can customize a program that fits your requirements.

Part One

Session One – How You Get in Your Own Darn Way

In this first session we will discuss the concept of Positive Intelligence and Saboteurs. What are they? What does Positive Intelligence look and feel like? Why is it useful or important? You will begin to understand how your mind can be your worst enemy and you will have some tools to start working with.

Session Two – The Judge and the Accomplice Saboteurs

A Saboteur is most effective when hiding in plain sight, convincing all he is friend not foe. In this session we will examine how the Judge impacts our lives and share our top Accomplice Saboteurs. We will discover how and when they hijack us and start learning how to overpower all the Saboteurs.

Session Three – The Sage

In this session we will unleash our Saboteur-slaying Sage. We will examine the 5 Sage Superpowers and discover easy techniques to channel them. With this insight, you will begin to understand how the Sage perspective can turn any challenge into a gift and opportunity.

Session Four – The Essential Beauty of You

We will share experiences and celebrate our wisdom. We will reflect on our earlier stated goals for the program. What has changed? What might be possible for you now?

Part Two

Designed by Shirzad Chamine in the style of a mental fitness boot-camp, the 6 week PQ Program deepens insights, motivates and provides structure using a combination of weekly video sessions and daily app-guided practices. I will act as your facilitator and coach, providing support and accountability. 


The curriculum:
Week 1 - Boost Self-Command
Week 2 - Intercept the Judge
Week 3 - The Accomplice Saboteurs
Week 4 - Shift to Sage
Week 5 - Boost Sage Powers
Week 6 - Taking Action
Week 7 is optional and gives information on continuing your practice.

You can find more information about the science and research that went into the design of the Positive Intelligence model at this site:

Let's Work Together!

Positive Intelligence is a life changing program which I am driven to share. I work with individuals, teams, groups and families. Contact me to design a program to meet your specific needs.

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