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Snow-capped mountain range lit by the sunrise


Most coaching will take place outdoors. We will walk and tune in to the natural environment.  We will pay attention to the messages your body is offering. We will observe the horses and pick a partner. From there the session will flow.


We may work in the outdoor arena, we may lead the horse around the property or play in the round pen. Feeling quieter? Grooming a horse is a beautiful moment for reflection. Sometimes a session may be one entirely of observation. Every session will be tailored to your needs that day.

When interacting with a horse, every moment is a chance to receive feedback. Your horse coaching partner will support you and reflect your energy. Tuning in to this equine feedback offers insight and suggests answers. Sounds heavy? Interacting with horses also gives you opportunity to play and to experiment. It is a chance to work through ideas, try new modes of communication or just let loose. It's all possible.


As your human coach, I will facilitate and observe. Through our partnership, you will learn to read your equine partner’s body language and expression. You will know what being truly present feels like. You will experience all of your emotions in a totally supported relationship.

Sessions are offered in 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hours slots. Packages are available.

Group collaborations are offered-work with colleagues, partners, friends and family. We can develop an experience specifically for you.

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